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The best stories are in our history. That's what I've learned in my third career as a historical researcher, writer and presenter. Across Western New York, I find the influences of the past in our present. My curiosity drives me to find out who influenced us and how. I hope you will find these stories interesting, perhaps inspiring you to become an influence on future generations. And, if you have a good story that you think should be told, will you contact me?

I have another web, "Doing the Pan," which contains my 20 years of research so far into Buffalo's 1901 Pan-American Exposition. It is a continuing project. Take a virtural tour!

I have 'retired' from giving presentations in order to work full time on a book about woman suffrage in the eight WNY counties. If you have a relative or a family story about the dedicated efforts of so many of our ancestors in the suffrage struggle, please let me know!

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